Brian McNeill - Edinburgh Airport

Having worked under Peter Boeters for the last 2 years (Check-in and Baggage Projects), I would like to highly recommend Peter. During his time at Edinburgh Airport, Peter has always been highly professional, analytical, organised and provided leadership for the programme. Peter has also championed the introduction of project management philosophies and software to track project progress. This approach is now embedded across the entire project delivery department.

His direction, experience and personality is sadly missed…….

Floris Kessener - IP-Solutions

I have worked with peter on a couple of projects. With his experience, entrepreneurial character and knowledge of project management & tools he is able to manage complex programs successfully without losing buy-in of his environment. His honest and direct approach has supported me as a business owner very well to keep focus. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again if the circumstances are there to do so.

Adrian Witherow - Edinburgh Airport

I worked with Peter on a number of significant development projects at Edinburgh Airport. I found Peter’s candid approach and energy combined with a good sense of humour easy to work with and safe in the knowledge that stuff got done. Peter has a breath of experience across industries and strong programme management skills that will be an asset to any business.

Scott Stanley - GIP

Peter –

Thanks for your work at Edinburgh. You made a difference in both project performance and culture.  Much appreciated.

John Watson - Edinburgh Airport

Peter provided a stable platform for Edinburgh Airport as we changed our approach to capital investment and projects. His experience, rigour and direct approach was as invaluable as his deep knowledge of programme management and modern tools. He was a great support for me in my role as the Capital Director and as a project sponsor. Now our transformation is complete, Peter will serve someone else with the same level of professionalism and we will miss him.